Recommended Reads for 6th and 7th Grades

Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison During the summer before 9th grade, intrepid Gilda invites herself to the San Francisco mansion of distant cousin Lester Spinter where she uses her purported psychic abilities and detective skills to solve the mystery of the mansion’s boarded-up tower.

Chains: Seeds of America by Laurie Halse Anderson After being sold to a cruel couple in New York City, a slave named Isabel spies for the rebels during the Revolutionary War.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer When a twelve year old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze and realizes he must work with the community in which he finds himself if he is to escape.

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen When the difficult star of the reality television show "Expedition Survival" disappears while filming an episode in the Florida Everglades using animals from the wildlife refuge run by Wahoo Crane's family, Wahoo and classmate Tuna Gordon set out to find him while avoiding Tuna's gun-happy father.

The Apothecary by Maile Meloy Follows a fourteen-year-old American girl whose life unexpectedly transforms when she moves to London in 1952 and gets swept up in a race to save the world from nuclear war.

Eleven by Lauren Myracle The year between turning eleven and turning twelve bring many changes for Winnie and her friends.

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott While working at pleasant but mundane summer jobs in San Francisco, fifteen-year-old twins, Sophie and Josh, suddenly find themselves caught up in the deadly, centuries-old struggle between rival alchemists, Nicholas Flamel and John Dee, over the possession of an ancient and powerful book holding the secret formulas for alchemy and everlasting life.

The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman A Brooklyn eighth-grader nicknamed Antsy befriends the Schwa, an "invisible-ish" boy who is tired of blending into his surroundings and going unnoticed by nearly everyone. Anthony, also known as "Antsy," is fascinated by "The Schwa Effect"--the fact that no one ever sees Calvin Schwa.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead As her mother prepares to be a contestant on the 1980s television game show, "The $20,000 Pyramid," a twelve-year-old New York City girl tries to make sens e of a series of mysterious notes received from an anonymous source that seems to defy the laws of time and space.