Beyond the Lorax, or Plant a Truffula Seed

Spring has sprung and Earth Day is April 22. If you’ve got kids, you’ll know the movie, The Lorax, based on the 1971 Dr. Seuss book, opened in theaters recently. This is a perfect time to teach children about ecology, conservation and appreciation of nature.

Did you know? The Lorax is gone and sadly, so is the last Truffula tree! Just one seed remains, and...
"… UNLESS somebody like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!”

Don’t miss the opportunity to read this book out loud and enjoy Seuss’ unique rhythmic, fantastical style. Or read similar books about conservation, recycling, and love of nature available at your local Orange County Public Library. Children won't care about conservation tomorrow UNLESS they learn about ecology today. So plant a Truffula seed and read!

The Wump World by Bill Peet
Disney artist Bill Peet takes us to Wump World where an invasion of Pollutians has made the Wumps' favorite food—grass—very scarce. Kids will enjoy the illustrations and humorous storyline.

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (Caldecott Medal) by Simms Taback
Clever Joseph knows how to recycle! Children will love to see the remarkable transformation of this overcoat. Each brilliantly illustrated die-cut page reveals the next version of a patchwork coat.

OK Go! by Carin Berger
Few words and whimsical collage illustrations show how too many cars make for a thick, smelly atmosphere. The pollution solution? Alternatives like bicycles, walking and taking the bus.

South by Patrick McDonnell
Simply illustrated, without any words, a little bird gets left behind when his flock flies south without him. A kindly cat, Mooch, steps in to help.

Hey! Get off Our Train by John Burningham
Ride along as a little boy dreams about engineering a train while picking up endangered animal species along the way.

The Trouble with Dragons by Debi Gliori
Dragons are very messy! They don’t much care about the way they treat the environment. Global warming puts everyone at risk, even Santa Claus!

The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis
Two girls sneak off to a pond and discover the most darling creature—a bog baby! They try to make a pet out of it—feed it cake, keep it in a bucket, walk it on a leash—but eventually they must return the fragile critter to its natural environment with amazing results. Delicately illustrated by Gwen Millward.

All the World by Liz Garten Scanlon
A day in the life of two children shows how everything is illuminated by nature and our connection to each other. Beautifully illustrated by Marla Frazee.

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