Marlowe + Tolkien = Butcher

Front cover of Storm Front by Jim ButcherDo you like the mysteries of Philip Marlowe; noir books full of hard bitten, sexy dames and the dark urban streets? Do you enjoy Tolkien; books full of wizards, elves, and vampires? Well, if Philip Marlowe and Tolkien were to have an intellectual heir, he would be Jim Butcher. Butcher’s "Dresden Files" series tells the story of Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only official wizard and private investigator. The books are riveting, funny, and full of action, philosophy, and intrigue as the world of the Fae meets the mean streets of modern Chicago. Harry always seems to get out of deadly situations by the skin of his teeth, relying on luck, scrappy allies, and sheer cussedness. He is someone everyone can imagine crossing the street to get away from, but ends up as endearing, charming, and likable. I highly recommend this book to adult readers. About four of the twelve books written so far have a brief “romance” scene that makes the series unsuitable for younger readers.

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