The Thing About Jane Spring

Jane was raised by her military father. She knows how to stand tall, to tell the truth, to keep her clothes clean and tidy, and by all means to wear sensible shoes and clothing. She is a good military daughter. She is also a very good lawyer. Jane is honest, straightforward and does not coddle anyone in court. She usually wins her cases, even if she leaves behind shell shocked defendants. She treats everyone around her as if they were all military personnel. She finds civilians an odd bunch, with no integrity. At thirty-one years old Jane has never had a serious relationship with a man. No man wants a second date with her. She cannot understand why. She is attractive, smart and has a nice figure. Why would men never ask her out for a second date? Jane finally decides that there must be something that she is doing wrong. She decides that she needs a mentor. Not having any close female friends nearby, and having lost her mother at 3 years old, Jane does not have a mentor to show her how to catch a man. Who could be her mentor? Jane thought that her grandmother would have been a good mentor, but she has passed away. Jane could not forget their evenings watching old Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Cary Grant movies together. Doris, with her beautiful clothes, wonderful smile and great job, always ended up with hunks like Rock or Cary. Should Doris be her mentor? I’m going to stop right here and not tell you more, I don’t want to ruin any more of the plot, but you can see where I am going. The Thing about Jane Spring is a cute, fun, somewhat outrageous, great for a relaxing evening or a day at the beach read. An added bonus if you grew up like me, watching Doris Day, Rock and Cary in Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and That Touch of Mink, you will have a fun nostalgic time reading The Thing About Jane Spring.

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