Two Kisses For Maddy: A Memoir of Love and Loss

I’m getting excited for this year’s Literary Orange! Each year I try to read some books by the authors whose panels I will be attending. I feel this makes the day more enjoyable and entertaining. The first year I attended I hadn’t read any of the books by any of the authors. While I still enjoyed myself I kept thinking how much more I would have gotten from the panels and author presentations if I had some knowledge of the authors and the books they had written. This year along with attending presentations by this year’s keynote speakers, I will be attending the panel titled Memoirs: Life Goes On.

One of the authors featured on this panel is Matt Logelin, author of Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Love and Loss. I read the summary of the book and was immediately taken in by his tragic and compelling story. In this memoir the widowed author struggles to grieve the loss of his wife while caring for his newborn daughter. I appreciate the author’s willingness to share such intimate details of his life with readers. I also appreciate how the author doesn’t hesitate from sharing his missteps as well as his accomplishments. The author comes across as honest and human as he shares his story. I am looking forward to hearing Matt Logelin speak about what compelled him to write this memoir and to hearing him give us updates on how he is doing parenting his growing daughter. For more information about this book visit the author’s website.

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