Charlaine Harris: More Than Vampire Novels

If you are like me you don’t necessarily associate Charlaine Harris with cozy mysteries. When I think of Charlaine Harris, I think of vampires, werewolves and Harris’ popular Sookie Stackhouse book series. This not just popular, but extremely popular, book series is the basis for the television series True Blood. A couple weeks ago when a library patron was chatting with me at the Reference Desk and mentioned being a fan of Charlaine Harris, I assumed she was referring to the Southern Vampire Mysteries. When she said Harris writes one of her favorite cozy mystery series, I thought perhaps I was confused about the definition of the term “cozy mystery”. (Check out my favorite cozy mystery website for the definition of a cozy mystery.) BUT, on further investigation I realized Charlaine Harris writes another series, the Aurora Teagarden mystery series. Harris began this series in 1990 and I really feel I should have known about this series because the main character, Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, is a librarian! 

Embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of librarian fiction and cozy mysteries, I quickly picked up a copy of Poppy Done to Death. Published in 2008, this book is the most recent installment in the series. I just finished this book and I enjoyed it. The characters are interesting, the main character likeable, and the mystery kept me guessing. There are quite a few references to things that occurred in previous books so I think I would have enjoyed this book even more if I had read it in series order. I think I will go back to Real Murders and start reading from the beginning. Unfortunately, according to Harris’ website there are no plans to write more books in the Aurora Teagarden series as she is busy writing other things. 

Like her Sookie Stackhouse novels, Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series is set in the South. This is where the similarities end. Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy this book and fans of Charlaine Harris’ other series might be interested to see some of Harris’ other work. Beware there are no vampires in this book!

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