Humorous Story About the Importance of Listening to Your Kids.

Kids are smarter than you think!
In Edwin Speaks Up by April Stevens, size and articulation are not as important as potential. What I like about this book is that if you are going to subtly imbue children with a notion about self, then let it be about how smart they really are. Before his family leaves the grocery store, Baby Edwin makes sure their grocery cart contains the last ingredient needed to make his birthday celebration complete. At every turn, Mom forgets something, or puts it in the wrong place, and Edwin watches out for her. Everyone thinks Edwin is just babbling, but in truth it is only Edwin who knows what’s truly going on, and helps guide them. So note to self, Adults: Pay attention to kids!

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JG said...

On the same theme is Albert's Impossible Toothache by Barbara Williams - the whole family dismisses Albert's claim (because turtles have no teeth!) until Grandma shows up and asks WHERE Albert's tooth aches. It's his foot, of course, and Grandma helps Albert feel better.