Meg: a Novel of Deep Terror

I recently asked a friend to give me something good to read for the weekend. I’m a closet horror-reader, so I really wanted something that would be suspenseful and maybe a little gruesome. But I didn’t want to tackle anything too long or gloomy this time. She told me to try Steve Alten’s book, Meg: a novel of deep terror, about a giant prehistoric shark that suddenly surfaces in our modern-day ocean taking out everything in its path. Scientists had long believed that these sharks were extinct, but of course they are all wrong. And it doesn’t help that no one believes Dr. Jonas Taylor’s theories about the megalodon’s hidden existence until it’s too late. I’m not going to lie, the plot is about as far-fetched as you can imagine. (The shark seems ridiculously intent on eating people even after gorging its way through a ton of whales!) And the ending is completely preposterous. Still, it’s a satisfying thriller that will keep you turning the pages until you find out what happens to the mother shark and her ghastly killer-baby. At fewer than 300 pages, it’s quick and leaves you wanting to read more. Fortunately for us, Alten continues the series with a few more novels- Meg: primal waters, The Trench and Meg: Hell’s aquarium. If that isn’t enough deep-sea action, you can always return to the shark that started it all by terrorizing an entire population of beach-goers in the 1970s, Peter Benchley’s Jaws.

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