Thin, Rich, Pretty

So with a title like Thin, Rich, Pretty I was expecting super fluffy chick lit. I did get some fluff, but surprisingly the book also has some definite depth. This book features three women; each one is likeable in her own way, even if you don’t think so at first.  Twenty years ago these women went to summer camp together and now find themselves reunited and still searching for the same validation they sought two decades earlier. I appreciate how the author gave each woman’s perspective because it is interesting to see how many sides there are to the same story.

Critics knocked this book for lack of originality. Yes, of course, the concept of women with body issues looking for love and success has been done before. For me this didn’t take away from the book. Original or not, this book is still fun, light reading. While I’m not going to stamp this book “outstanding”, I can say it is an enjoyable easy read and will be appreciated by fans of chick lit. There are copies of this book available in print and in audiobook, so place one on hold today!

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