Where Things Come Back

If you’re a big fan of quirky YA literature- Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley will certainly appeal to you. The main storyline centers on seventeen year old Cullen whose younger brother mysteriously disappears one summer. Meanwhile, the residents of his small town eagerly await a sighting of the Lazarus Woodpecker--a bird thought to be extinct until an ornithologist shows up claiming it may still exist. It’s a mystery, but in a very unconventional way. There is definitely a lot to like about this book. It’s original, it’s quick, and it’s well-written. Although I’m not sure all of these characters are entirely believable teenagers, they are definitely likable. The dialogue is pretty humorous and in spite of the serious themes in this book, there are quite a few funny moments. While there are no vampires or survivalist tournaments, you will feel compelled to keep turning the pages and see how it all comes together. This is a good book for teens who want a more literary read. It won the 2012 Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature from the American Library Association.

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