Dreamy Books and Movies

We are about to begin this year’s Summer Reading Program. The children’s theme is “Dream Big Read!” The teen program’s slogan is “Own the Night” and the Adult program’s slogan is “Between the Covers”.  I am finding the theme Dream Big to be particularly inspiring because it is open to so much interpretation. It can refer to literal dreams and sleep, but it can also be taken to mean reaching for personal dreams and goals. It can also refer to celebrating creativity and imagination.
The library is definitely a place to explore goals, creativity, and imagination. When it comes to books about exploring and imagination, my personal favorite children’s book is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Though this is not a new book, it is a great book. The library also has tons of books featuring sleep.  My favorite sleep themed children’s book is Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late by Mo Willems. It is so cute and funny and I love the illustrations.
Children aren’t the only ones who can find some great sleep, dream and night themed books. I have put together a brief list of books and movies adults might enjoy. All these titles fit the Dream Big theme and are available at the library!

By: Raymond Chandler

By: Lisa See

By: Richard Matheson

By: Jon Krakauer

By: Fannie Flagg

By: James Joyce

By: Lewis Carroll

By: William Shakespeare

Sleepless in Seattle

The Wizard of Oz

The dreamy soundtrack I’d recommend as background music would be Under the Table and Dreaming by the Dave Matthews Band, which is also available at the library.  Add a comment if you have a dream themed book or movie you’d like to recommend!


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Animals Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver!

Anonymous said...

Helpsful list!