Fun Job Working on a Canal Boat in the Canals of England

Life Skills by Katie Fforde

Julia Fairfax is suddenly out of work, tired of her boyfriend, and wants to start a new life. She reads a classified ad looking for a ship’s cook on an old seven-foot-wide, 70-foot-long hotel boat that cruises down the canals of England. Julia loves to cook and spending a summer on a canal boat sounds like a fun way to spend the summer, so she sublets her apartment and embarks on a new adventure.

[Cover]Julia will meet a lot of very interesting people, learn some new skills and find out what is important in her life. The book is an enjoyable read with lots of humor in it. Julia finds out the boat manager is a 24 year old wayward daughter of bluebloods. Suzy Boyd has been spoiled all her life and now wants to start her career as a canal boat owner. She has one season to prove to her Uncle that she can make a go of managing the boat before it is sold to someone else. The crew consists of Suzy, Julia and a crewman that has worked for her Uncle for some time. Before they get underway the crewman ups and quits and that’s when Suzy and Julia take off on their real adventure. The reader will meet lots of fun characters, read romance and learn how to run a hotel boat through the canals of England.

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