Computer Programming Book Reviews

Title: JavaScript A Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition
Author: John Pollock
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Year: 2010
Call Number: 005.2762 JavaScript

Here’s a book for web developers that will help with client-side programming in JavaScript. JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide by John Pollock (2010) walks the reader through the universe of JavaScript in sixteen chapters. The book covers aspects of JavaScript like how does JavaScript fit into a basic HTML page, variables, functions, operators, conditional statements, loops, event handlers, objects, the document object model (DOM), arrays, and more. The text is well written, with lots of short examples that demonstrate the fundamental concepts being covered, and no prior programming experience is assumed by the author except some basic HTML coding. At the end of each chapter is a short self-test that allows the reader to review the materials just covered before moving on to the next section. The author does a good job of selecting coding examples that are interesting and relevant to the reader. JavaScript is a programming language that is usually used in conjunction with server-side scripting languages like Microsoft’s .NET technologies (Visual Basic .NET and C#) or the PHP scripting language. So, this book is a good place to start for client-side web scripting before moving on to the next level which is programming on the server side. Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 489 pages.


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