eBooks @ the Library: Magical & Manageable

It's true that when it comes to book format, there's something indescribably nostalgic and sentimental about being able to feel (in a way) the actual weight of words in your hands, turning each neatly printed page, feeling that textured but mostly smooth paper sliding under your fingertips.

But digital books (ebooks and e-audio) are convenient.  You don't have to carry around a back-up book or two in case the one you're reading runs out of pages (guilty).  And if it's through the library, they're absolutely free, with no overdue charges ever (access to digital books expire on the due date, so no need to worry about returning them on time). 

Nothing beats that, at least until they figure out how to download information directly to our brain-pans.  So if you're on the go, try supplementing your regular book checkouts with titles from our growing digital book collections. (Click here for a list of supported ebook and e-audio devices).

Click here to search our digital collection now (or peruse the sections below).

For the rabid hunter of new reading experiences, peruse the New eBook Additions page, for recently added and recently released ebooks, like:

Cover image for A Long, Long Sleep  A Long Long Sleep  

Cover image for Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes Ruby Redfort

To find out if the book really is better than the movie, browse the e-audiobook Movie Tie-In page (downloadable audiobooks for iPods, MP3 players, etc), for titles like:

Cover image for Julie and Julia  Julie & Julia 

 Cover image for The Lightning Thief  The Lightning Thief

For digital titles that are always available (mainly classics), search the Always Available list, and catch up on old favorites like:

Cover image for The Wizard of Oz  The Wizard of Oz 

 Cover image for A Princess of Mars  A Princess of Mars

Vacationing somewhere exotic this summer?  Brush up on your foreign language skills with one of many e-audio titles in the Foreign Language Study collection, like:

 Cover image for Dr. Blair's Japanese In No Time  Japanese In No Time 

Cover image for Arabic on the Move  Arabic On The Move

Click here to visit our digital books website, and browse our growing e-book and e-audio collection today!

Note: checking out digital book titles requires an OC Public Library library card number, and a PIN.  Contact your local library for more information (visit our Library Locator page for a list of library branches).

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