Mansions, Ghosts, and Séances

Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator
Gilda Joyce is fun!  But don’t get me wrong, she is not frivolous (well, maybe just a little), and who doesn’t need a spoonful of frivolous served up with their tragedy every now and then?  Jennifer Allison's Gilda is a zany character trying to negotiate her way through a maze of real-life hardships; and it is this youthful, positive attitude that helps the reader identify with trauma without getting depressed. Underscoring Gilda’s trials, Allison tips her hat to her Christian beliefs which ground Gilda in her adventures as a psychic investigator.
In Allison’s first book, Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, Gilda’s best friend Wendy Choy has “deserted” her for music camp. The prospect of spending her summer cooped up in the house with her older brother, and having a mother who seems always to be at work is not appealing.  So, intrepid Gilda finagles an invite to San Francisco to stay with her estranged Uncle Lester and Cousin Juliet. Once ensconced in the old mansion on the hill, Gilda and Juliet, seemingly an unlikely pair, develop a bond of friendship as they deal with traumatic events. Believe it or not, this spooky mystery is fun and, at the same time, addresses life’s difficult issues. Gilda Joyce is an upper reading level selection suitable for 6th to 9th grade.
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