Lisa Kleypas' Contemporary Romances

People tend to think of Lisa Kleypas as a writer of historical romances. I did. So, not being a huge fan of historical romances, I had never read Kleypas. But I recently made a great discovery when I stumbled across her Travis series. This is a contemporary romance series set in Texas. The first book in the series is Sugar Daddy. This book revolves around Liberty Jones, a heroine so instantly charming you fall in love with her right away and cheer her on throughout the book. As she struggles and succeeds to build a life for herself, Liberty must choose between two great loves. This story is definitely a love story, but some may categorize it as women’s fiction or chick lit because the romance, while intense, is secondary to the story of Liberty finding herself and building her life.

After finishing this book I was captivated by the characters and by the author, Lisa Kleypas. I very much enjoyed her writing; I especially liked how she weaved social issues into her stories. I immediately wanted more. Luckily, since I belatedly discovered this series, Sugar Daddy was published in 2007, the next book was readily available for me. The next book is Blue-Eyed Devil, this book tells Haven Travis’ story.  The youngest of the wealthy and respected Travis family, Haven is independent and free thinking. In this book Haven proves wealth and a loving family aren’t enough to protect you from sorrow and hardship. This is definitely a love story but it is also a story of recovery and a story about overcoming adversity.

Smooth TalkingStranger, the final book in the series, tells middle Travis brother, Jack’s story. The leading lady is not your typical romance heroine and that is what makes Jack and the reader love her right away. The only negative about this series is it only consists of three books and once Smooth Talking Stranger is over there aren’t anymore.  Evidentially, I’m not the only one left wanting more. A frequent question on the internet is when Lisa Kleypas will write another in the series, possibly focusing on the youngest Travis brother, Joe. According to the author’s website this series was only meant to be a trilogy, but based on popular demand she may write another. Well, let me know when she does because I want to be first in line to read it! So if you are a fan of contemporary romances but consider Lisa Kleypas only a writer of historical romances try out her Travis series because it is remarkably good. And if you are not typically a romance fan, maybe pick up Sugar Daddy or Blue-Eyed Devil because they are so good they may just turn you into a romance fan!

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