Olympic Reads


Since Friday's opening ceremony, everyone has been totally fascinated by this year’s Olympic Games. Television sets everywhere are set to the Games. It is very exciting! I love the Olympics. Athletes from around the world coming together to reach for their dreams is very inspiring. I can’t even imagine the thrill of being a member of the Olympic team. There is so much history involved with the Olympics--competitors and viewers are part of something greater than themselves. In anticipation of this year's games, several athletes came out with biographies and there are tons of new travel books about London. Even authors like James Patterson included Olympics-related plots in their fiction books. I've compiled a list of some new and some older materials that will get you feeling the Olympic spirit. Here are some books and two DVDs available at the library to get you in the mood for this summer’s Olympics.

Complete Book of the Olympics
By: David Wallechinsky

By: Chris Cleave
Everyone has a favorite sport. Me, I'm rooting for the swimmers, divers and gymnasts. Write in an tell us your favorite sport or your favorite Olympic book!

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