Emily Giffin's Newest Book: "Where We Belong"

Emily Giffin’s newest book, Where We Belong, was just published at the end of July. I am a huge Emily Giffin fan, so I put myself on hold for the book right away. While I really enjoyed this book, I will still say no Emily Giffin book has compared to my favorites, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. To me these books are her best work, but that hasn’t kept me from enjoying her other books. Giffin’s books evaluate the choices people make and look at situations from multiple sides. Where We Belong provides strong characterization, I like Giffin’s characters because they don’t always know the right thing to do and sometimes they make mistakes but they are often given the opportunity to redeem themselves.

In Where We Belong, we meet Marian and Kirby. Marian got pregnant just out of high school and gave the baby up for adoption. Her baby, Kirby, is now eighteen and has access to the adoption records and comes to find her birth mother. What makes this story unusual is the fact that Marian has kept the pregnancy and adoption a secret from everyone except for her mother. And I mean everyone.  Even as Marian made a great life for herself she never disclosed her secret to even her most intimate friends. To me this book is about secrets but also about honesty and the importance of being truthful not just to others but to ourselves. In regards to the end of the book, some people I’ve talked with like it and some are left wanting more.  I personally like it. But don’t worry I’m not going to give any spoilers! You will have to read it for yourself to see if you are content. Added bonus, fans of Giffin’s book Baby Proof will appreciate the character’s cameos in this book.

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