Julia Child

This morning as I was watching the news and drinking my morning coffee I watched a news segment about Pasadena restaurants providing Julia Child inspired entrees and cocktails.Julia Child's would-be 100th birthday celebrated in Pasadena | abc7.com

Why? Well, today marks the day of what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday and since Julia Child is originally from Pasadena, California it is fitting that local restaurants would honor the city’s most famous chef. Child, famous for her cookbooks and television cooking shows, brought us French cooking in an approachable way.

Julia Child wrote many cookbooks so it is also fitting for the library to honor her too. To celebrate Julia Child I recommend reading My Life in France by Julia Child and her nephew, Alex Prud’homme. This book chronicles how in the 1940s Julia Child went to France with her husband Peter Child and learned to eat and cook delicious French food. Though this book falls into the category of a biography, I consider it a love story. It is a love story between Julia and Peter Child and also the story of how Julia Child fell in love with French cooking. I also recommend this brief article from NPR, in the article Child talks about French cooking and her famous cooking show.

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