Something for Your Beach Bag

“I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she handles these three things:  a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”  --Maya Angelou

With over a month left of summer, there’s still plenty of time to go to the beach.  And what’s a trip to the beach without a good beach read?  In the Bag by Kate Klise fits the bill.  The writing is light and breezy, just perfect for a relaxing day in the sun--especially if you want to daydream about jet-setting between Paris, Madrid and Barcelona; eating flaky croissants from the local pâtisserie; and looking at inspiring European art.

The novel is a comedy of errors written from the perspectives of the four main characters:  Daisy (a professional chef); her daughter, Coco; Andrew (an art exhibit designer); and his son, Webb.  Andrew sees Daisy on a plane to Paris and leaves (what he thinks is) a charming note in her bag, asking her for a date.  Daisy is less than charmed.  She wants to spend time in Paris with her daughter and is not interested.  At the same time, Coco and Webb’s bags get switched in the baggage claim and they secretly begin scheming to meet up in Paris to trade luggage, without telling their parents. 

In an unexpected change of plans, Daisy is called to Madrid to help her friend, Solange, cater an art opening, which just so happens to be designed by (surprise!) Andrew.  This leaves the door open for Coco and Webb’s carefully-planned meet-up.  When Daisy and Andrew are introduced at the show, they seem to hit it off.  She isn’t aware that he was the man who wrote the note, but he’s afraid that he’ll scare her off, if he tells her.  After all, what kind of weirdo would leave a note, instead of talking to her in person?  Or so Andrew’s logic goes.

Will Andrew finally get his date with Daisy?  Will Webb and Coco pull off a rendezvous in the City of Light?  Get the book here and find out.

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