The Age of Miracles

The rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow.  The days and nights grow longer and longer.  The shift in gravity causes birds to fall from the sky, and whales beach themselves en mass.  It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I'm feeling pretty good.  That’s because discovering a new book to love always raises my spirits.  And boy did I love this book.

Narrated by 12-year old Julia, The Age of Miracles by Karen Walker, is a coming-of-age novel set in the near future.  Imagine the anguish of adolescence compounded by the turmoil of an altered world.  An altered world that at times appears wondrous and miraculous through the eyes of a young girl.  I was haunted by her visions of beauty and horror.

In an interview with NPR, author Karen Walker says growing up in earthquake-prone Southern California helped shape her book: "that combination of daily life with looming disaster."  It is also that combination of fear of the unknown with the excitement of experiencing something new, a combination I find irresistible.

Written for adult readers, The Age of Miracles has cross-over appeal for older teens.

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