While You're Waiting

I am one of the many, many, many people on hold for Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild: Lost and Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Strayed’s story appeals to the hiker, camper and nature lover in me, but it also appeals to my desire to read an honest story about a person’s search for self-discovery. This book is number one on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller list and has been for many weeks so it is obviously appealing to other people too. Hiking and outdoor related books have been gaining popularity for a while now, the allure of wanderlust a popular topic, but I think the draw to this book is something more. I’ll know for sure once I actually get a copy in my hands. I’ve been gradually moving up the holds list like everyone else and so since I can’t actually read the book what I can do is give you all some ideas for books to read while you are waiting. If you are interested in reading Strayed's book, you might also like these books. These books are in the library, on the shelf, and ready to be checked out TODAY!

By: Jon Krakauer

By: Dan White

By: John Muir

Desolation Angels
By: Jack Kerouac

By: Mark Twain
By: Aron Ralston

By: Barbara Elaine Singer


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Anonymous said...

I love all of these books! Except that I haven't yet read Living Without Reservations. I can't wait to get started.