Weekend Page-Turner

If you’re looking for something quick and exciting, The Third Gate by Lincoln Child is my recommendation this month.  I thought the book jacket sounded fascinating, so I put myself on the waiting list right away.
In this latest installment from thriller veteran Child, paranormal investigator Professor Jeremy Logan takes a job in the Sudd (a huge swamp) on the Nile searching for the lost tomb of an ancient Pharaoh.  If unearthed, the tomb would presumably contain one of the most important archeological discoveries ever found.  Admittedly the story is shaky at times; I mean, it doesn’t even seem like Logan has anything to do on the site, even though he’s being paid a ton of money to be part of a top-secret excavation!  And the complete lack of obstacles (non-paranormal) to such a massive undertaking is ridiculous.
And yet, it’s so very entertaining!  In the same vein as his other books, Child manages to hook you right away and doesn’t let go until the end.  When the project team starts experiencing horrible occurrences on the site, they can’t help but wonder if it’s related to the curse on the Pharaoh’s tomb.  In spite of Logan’s hesitancy, the team moves forward with the expedition.  As they do, the true meaning of the curse unravels itself with deadly consequences.  At just over 300 pages the pace never lags, making this the perfect choice for your next plane ride or weekend at home.

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