A dangerous book for boys--and girls too for that matter!!

Cast of Characters: A Bumble Bee; Roman; Grunion's Dad; Wing; Sparkler; Beryl (one of my favorites); Grunion; The High Tollin (Albert); Wangle (boo: hiss); Briar; and A Fairy (poor fairy). In  Conn Iggulden's book Tollins: explosive tales for children, richly illustrated by Lizzy Duncan, you will discover the world of Chorleywood, where Tollins live, and Fairies are used as handkerchiefs. The bearded men are working hard at developing fireworks, and I am sad to report, that blowing up Tollins is not out of the question. Will Sparkler and Grunion find a solution to the slavery and near death that ensues? READ THIS BOOK AND FIND OUT!


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