And Now for Something Completely Different...

“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” -- Stephen King

Yes, for some reason there seems to be a universal law that says:  “the movie is never as good as the book.”  However, there are quite a few movies based on books that are good in their own rights.  They might not be exactly the same, but they still manage to entertain and to make you think.  And even though, due to time constraints, a movie may not keep to the precise chronology and plot of the book, it can keep the spirit of the book alive and well.  Here are a few movies (all available through OC Public Libraries!) that do exactly this:

·         3:10 to Yuma
·         About a Boy
·         The Age of Innocence
·         Babe
·         Bridget Jones’s Diary
·         Brokeback Mountain
·         Chocolat
·         Clueless
·         The Color Purple
·         The Commitments
·         Dead Man Walking
·         Emma  (I like the Paltrow version, but this BBC version is very good, too.)
·         Fight Club
·         Gangs of New York
·         Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh version)
·         The Hours
·         In the Name of the Father
·         Last King of Scotland
·        The Last of the Mohicans
·         O Brother, Where Art Thou?
·         The Pianist
·         Possession
·         Pride and Prejudice  (In my opinion, this is the best version EVER.)
·         The Princess Bride
·         The Quiet American
·         The Remains of the Day
·         Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
·         Shawshank Redemption
·         Slumdog Millionaire
·         There Will Be Blood
·         The Thin Red Line
·         Trainspotting
·         True Grit

What would you add?


FellowTraveler said...

Brideshead Revisited (Jeremy Irons).

Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Little Dorrit.

Man for All Seasons (from the play, the Scofield one).

The Road (I thought captured the bleakness and simple hope of the book).

Children of Men was good. The book dragged a bit at the beginning. The movie avoided that.

Philip K Dick stuff is great: Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, and Blade Runner, to name a few.

Henry V (Kenneth Branagh)

JG said...

I always loved "Stand By Me" and thought it was much better than the Stephen King novella "The Body" that it was based on (and not just because of my huge crush on River Phoenix).