Computer Programming Book Reviews

Title: Programming Android
Author: Mednieks, Zigurd, Laird Dornin et al.
Publisher: O'Reilly
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 482
Call Number: 005.276 Android

Android is one of the major operating systems currently available on the market for mobile devices and the book Programming Android, published by O'Reilly, provides a thorough introduction on what you need to know in order to start creating applications for tablets and phones that run this os.  

The book contains eighteen chapters divided into four sections that introduce the reader to the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), the Java programming language, objects, the Android program development model, and the Android Framework.  The last section of the book is devoted to advanced topics like multimedia, location and mapping, communication and social media.  Most importantly, the book also provides information on how to download, install and run the Eclipse IDE and the Android Development Kit.


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