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Joshilyn Jackson’s book A Grown Up Kind of Pretty is all at once a coming of age story, a mystery, a love story, and a family drama. We meet Ginny, Liza and Mosey Slocumb, three generations of women who have come to expect disaster every fifteen years. Ginny gave birth to her daughter Liza when she was fifteen and found herself estranged from her parents, friends and entire town. She fled to Mississippi and struggled to make a stable life for herself and her daughter. She thought she had succeeded until her daughter, the beautiful and wild Liza, becomes pregnant at fifteen. Now, fifteen years later, all eyes are on Liza’s daughter, Mosey. In small town Mississippi everyone knows everyone’s business and everyone wants to know if Mosey will follow in her mothers and grandmother’s footsteps. Mosey is in many ways like Ginny and Liza, but she is also very different.  Mosey is a young woman just finding out who she is when old secrets are unearthed and threaten to change everything.

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