Somebody to Love

What happens when a wealthy heiress suddenly learns her inheritance has been lost? Parker Welles, a popular children’s book author has never had to worry about money. In fact, she donates the profits from her super successful children’s books to a children’s charity. Parker, a single mother, is shocked when she learns she is left with nothing but a meager savings account and a house she inherited from her aunt. With no means to support herself Parker is hoping to flip the house for profit and use the money to start a new life for herself and her son. But when Parker sees the house she had inherited her hopes are dashed. It turns out her aunt was a hoarder, and the scenic beach home she thought she was inheriting turns out to be a rundown beach shack filled with years of junk. Just when Parker thinks things can’t get any worse, her father’s lawyer James arrives to offer his assistance. Parker and James have a past history and a strong chemistry that Parker is looking to forget, but she isn’t in a position where she can turn down free help.
Funny, smart and not at all the diva heiress Parker is a likeable protagonist. While reading this book you will want to root for Parker and cross your fingers she will find “Somebody to Love”. This book contains a charming mix of humor and romance and I recommend it to fans of contemporary romance.  Can home renovation be romantic? You’ll have to read and find out.

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