Ann Aguirre's Enclave series has Bite


If you love the post-apocalyptic books of Veronica Roth, you’ll really enjoy Ann Aguirre’s Enclave series.  So far I’ve read Enclave and Outpost.  They tell the story of 15 year old Deuce.  She’s a young woman raised in a harsh underground society that was cut off from the world when “fire rained from the sky.”  She is brought up as a huntress who protects the community and hunts its meat.  The society is a strictly regimented society where everyone has their place, and only breeders can show each other affection.  The daughter of a breeder, not considered a “pure” huntress, she is partnered with Fade, another outsider who managed to survive the tunnels but originally comes from topside.  Eventually, cast off from their community and left to be devoured by freaks, huge man-eating creatures, they make their way topside, where they end up in book 2, Outpost.

Overall, the books are fast-paced, gripping, and believable. That is, they’re believable if you buy into the idea that there could be huge, mutant, man-eating, hulk-like creatures roaming the earth and enclaves of humans huddling in caverns below.  Once you accept those premises, the rest is believable within that framework.  I found myself understanding Deuce’s problems fitting in in Sanctuary, where she was too much of a warrior to fit in with the women, but couldn’t be with the men because she was a woman.  Anyone who has ever tried to fit in into another culture or even a new school but who didn’t get the social structure or cliques, will find a lot to relate to in these books.  They’re also a great read if you just enjoy a great action story with a lot of fights and sneaking around.

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