Such Wicked Intent

Such Wicked Intent: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, Book Two by Kenneth Oppel is a sequel I have eagerly been anticipating since I read the first book last year. In this continuation, young Victor Frankenstein has vowed to leave dark sciences behind him following the tragic events of book one. Yet he can’t help himself once he stumbles upon a device that allows him to communicate with the dead. And what’s more, he discovers a portal that allows him to actually cross over to their world. Once again his close friends Elizabeth and Henry follow his lead, which bring about conflicting emotions in all of them. But before they can convince Victor to stop, everything spirals dangerously out of control.  
I loved the pace of this book. It only takes a few pages before Oppel throws the reader into the meat of the story. There is plenty of action and suspense throughout. Like the first book, I really enjoyed watching Victor’s transformation from a brilliant young man into a much darker character. The only aspect I didn’t enjoy as much was the confined setting. Almost the entire book takes place at Chateau Frankenstein and there are hardly any other characters. On the other hand, it keeps storyline focused and intense. This is a good follow up to This Dark Endeavor and well worth reading. Enjoy.  

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