Cucumbers, Cantaloupe and Cold-Blooded Murder?


Farm Fresh Murder is the first book in Paige Shelton’s Farmers’ Market Mystery series. The main character, Becca Robbins, spends her days growing pumpkins and strawberries, canning and preserving jams and jellies to sell at the local farmers’ market and tending her farm. Her lifestyle is pretty simple and idyllic until one morning her twin sister, the manager of the farmers’ market, calls to tell her there has been a murder at the market. One of the market’s vendors has been found dead and the police department’s main suspect is Becca’s friend Abner, the wildflower vendor.

Becca becomes determined to find the real killer and clear her friend’s name as well as remove the shadow that has been cast on her beloved farmers’ market. The farmers’ market offers a huge cast of characters where everyone is a possible suspect. Becca is an amateur sleuth, often asking too many questions while simultaneously forgetting to get some key information. Despite her limited detective abilities she has a big heart and is persistent. Along with the help of her dog, Hobbit, Becca spies, interrogates and chases down suspects. The list of suspects includes corn farmers, flower growers, sexy male sculptures and longtime vendors whose secrets date back to before Becca was born. Can Becca unbury past secrets in time to free her friend or will she get caught off guard by a very clever killer? You will have to read the book to find out. The book’s unique setting and likeable characters make this book a good read. I recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries.

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Anonymous said...

I love farmers' markets and I also love mysteries. I can't wait to read this book! Thanks for the fabulous recommendation