Pear Tarts & Free Magazines

Are you looking for a pear tart recipe? Why not visit the library? The library! The public library has so many resources, and this is just one more. A few months ago while in line at the grocery store I saw the most delicious looking pear tart featured on the cover of a magazine. I bought the magazine on the spot just for the pear tart recipe. I made the recipe and sure enough it was delicious, just as advertised on the cover. I was so happy and then the very next day I came to work at the library and saw the exact same magazine sitting on our library shelves. For free!

In the grand scheme of things I wasn’t too upset, but it dawned on me that I wasn’t using one of the library’s resources. I am a huge fan of magazines. For a long time I subscribed to several magazines and I still subscribe to a few, but sometimes I like to browse magazines without the commitment of purchasing a subscription. A lot of people, like me, forget that libraries carry magazines that can be checked out for free. You can read the most current issue in the library but you can also check out past issues. The library doesn’t just have academic or research oriented titles; you can pick up a copy of Vogue or People. Now, I frequently check out past issues of magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal and Food Network Magazine.

I’m not recommending that you stop buying magazine subscriptions of your own.  I haven’t. But I do want to remind you that the library carries so many magazines, and they can be checked out for free. Different branches carry different magazines so check your local library to see what they carry or check our online catalog to see which branch carries a particular magazine. This is also a great way to comparison shop. If you are looking to purchase a subscription to a magazine and can’t decide between say, Sunset Magazine and Real Simple, you could check out back issues of both to see which you like better. So the next time you are at the library, be sure and take a look at the magazine section.

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