Matched by Ally Condie

As a teenager, I definitely did not like being told what to do.  As an adult, I’m not a lot better.  I like my choices.  Even if I don’t like the options, I like the ability to choose which awful thing I get.  My mom used to joke, “Knuckle sandwich or poke in the nose?”  That’s why the world that Cassia grew up in would not have been the best for me.
Citizens in the Society have everything chosen for them.  They are told how many calories are optimal for them, the proper ratio of protein to carbohydrate in their food, what they should study, their jobs, where they live, and who they will be matched with.  Everything is decided based on aptitude tests and committee decisions.  Cassia is perfectly happy with how her life is going and is thrilled when she’s matched with her long-time best friend Xander, until she gets home and finds another face flash on the data cube that should have had Xander’s information on it.  She’s told to ignore the glitch and continue on with her happy pre-planned life, but how can she when finally given a choice? Find out in Matched by Ally Condie.

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This series of three (next are Crossed and Reached) is getting much attention this summer. Comparable to futuristic ideas in The Giver or the more graphically frightening Hunger Games