James Patterson For the Very First Time

OK, I'm coming out of the closet. I am probably the only person in LibraryLand to have never read a James Patterson novel. My reason for avoidance is the same as my reticence to gamble, read the romance genre or begin any of the popular women detective series.  With all due respect for these passions of others, I have been afraid that I might become addicted and never be able to concentrate on  anything else.

But James Patterson is a major literary figure, the recipient of several esteemed awards, and a respected promoter of literacy.  So when I saw the first of a new girl detective series, it was time to engage. Confessions of a Murder Suspect is a mystery told in the voice of Tandy Angel, one of the four Tandy siblings. When her wealthy and famous parents, owners of Angel Pharmaceutical, are found murdered in their beds, she and her brothers are immediately the prime suspects.  They were the only ones home at the time and there is every reason to imagine that they might have wished their parents gone.  Each raised with a goal of a carefully designed sort of super talent, their upbringing has been strictly controlled, unendingly demanding, and sometimes cruel. More treated as science experiments thsn beloved children, they have each been called sociopaths at times.

Angered by the agressive police intrusion into their lives and the sudden entrance of their new legal guardian, their Uncle Peter, who makes no secret of his dislike for them, Tandy decides that she must be the one to solve the murder, even if it means that it was one of her brothers -- or even herself.  Of course everyone in the family or even remotely associated has reason to be a suspect.  Motives such as wealth, power, and old grudges abound.

This mystery for teens keeps the pages turning to the end.  It's a novel that will allow no rest until finished. The mystery genre for teens is difficult to recommend as mysteries seem to be either for children or adults and not all adult mysteries are right for younger teens.

There is a wealth of information about James Patterson including his multitude of other works, awards and and connection to literacy on his web site. Teens will look forward to more mysteries starring Tandy Angel as she decides that being a detective is her calling.

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