W is for… Why Wait for W When You Can Read “Kinsey and Me” Right Now

Sue Grafton fans are anxiously awaiting the next Kinsey Millhoune installment. I know I am getting excited for W to come out. Lucky for me, and all the other Sue Grafton fans out there, Grafton gave us something to read in the meantime. Kinsey and Me, Grafton’s book of short stories, was published in January and it contains several stories featuring Kinsey Millhoune and several short stories featuring a character called Kit Blue. The character Kit Blue is fictional, but Kit’s stories are glimpses into Sue Grafton’s youth and past.  In the introduction, Grafton explains the Kinsey Millhoune short stories were privately published in the early 1990s and were mostly given away as gift to friends and family. I hadn’t even realized there were Kinsey Millhoune short stories! I enjoyed the Kinsey short stories and the Kit Blue stories but what I really enjoyed was the chapter of non-fiction in the middle of the book where Sue Grafton talks about detective novels and the art of writing.
As Sue Grafton says in the book, it is difficult to get a full detective story into a short story. How do you set up the story, introduce characters, present a crime and solve the crime all in a few short pages? With this in mind, the Kinsey Millhoune short stories aren’t as complicated as their novel counterparts. The crimes are less complicated and Kinsey solves them easily. If you haven’t read a Sue Grafton book before I wouldn’t recommend Kinsey and Me being the first one you pick up; however, if you are a true Sue Grafton fan I think you will adore reading some Kinsey stories and reading more about Sue Grafton. This is really a treat for fans and something to fill the gap between the next Kinsey Millhoune novel. I recommend this book to all Sue Grafton fans.

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