A Great Read and A Great Series

A characteristic of a great series of books is that the individual books are strong enough to be enjoyed independently from the rest of the series. However, I also think that series are best read in order. For this reason, I wanted to read JA Jance’s JP Beaumont series from the very beginning. I selected the book Sentenced to Die for my library’s recent mystery book club meeting because it is a collection of the first three JP Beaumont books. It contains Until Proven Guilty, Injustice for All, and Trial by Fury. Originally published in 1985, Until Proven Guilty introduces Detective Beaumont, a Seattle homicide detective.  This first book in the series teaches readers that in Beaumont’s world not everyone is who they seem and the lines between right and wrong can blur every once in a while.
JA Jance’s books are interesting reads that will keep the pages turning. I enjoyed this collection of books because there are lots of red herrings and the story lines twist and turn and kept me guessing the whole time. Each book is definitely strong enough to be read on its own, but I took the advice of avid Jance readers and started at the beginning. These first three books in the JP Beaumont series are the first JA Jance books I’ve read but I plan on reading more. How will Beaumont’s character develop? Like me, you will have to read the series to find out.
Along with the Beaumont series, JA Jance writes the Ali Reynolds, Joanna Brady, and the Walker mystery series. Fans of JA Jance will be excited to learn JA Jance is a keynote speaker at this year’s Literary Orange event. Literary Orange will be held on Saturday, April 6th, 2013.   Reserve your spot at this event today!

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