Literary Orange 2013

Literary Orange is this coming weekend on Saturday, April 6th. Click here for more information about registration. I’m so excited about the authors I am going to see this weekend. The keynotes are J.A. Jance and Tatjana Soli. I’ve read several of Jance’s J.P. Beaumont books and I am looking forward to seeing the author of this fun and entertaining series in person.
I am also looking forward to the panels I signed up to attend. There are so many good panels this year it was hard to narrow down my choices. I finally selected the panel called Literary Fiction: Southland Stories featuring Gayle Brandeis, Aris Janigian, Diane Lefer, and Hector Tobar as well as the panel titled Food: Eat Your Words - Writers on Food & Culture featuring Gustavo Arellano, Adam Roberts, and Debra Samuels. These are the panels I picked but other options include: Young Adult: The Awesome Age featuring Josephine Angelini, Cecil Castellucci, Jessi Kirby, and Sarah Maas; Children’s: The Illustrated Story with special panelists Marissa Moss and Rosemary Wells (best known for her super popular Max and Ruby series); and Romance: Love Between the Pages with panelists Anna Randol, Jill Sorenson, and Jillian Stone.
I think the food writing panel is the one I am most anxious to see. I am a huge fan of Adam Roberts and his award-winning food blog “The Amateur Gourmet”. This blog is definitely worth looking at especially if you are in any way a foodie. This fun and informative blog is a mix of funny stories, restaurant reviews and yummy recipes. Roberts’ writing is both quirky and literary in a way that makes this blog stand out from other food blogs. His most recent book Secrets of the Best Chefs is available for checkout at several OC Public Libraries branches.

Another great author who will be on the food writing panel is Gustavo Arellano, newspaper columnist and popular author. His most recent book Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America was published in 2012 and chronicles the growing popularity of Mexican food in the United States. Debra Samuels, cookbook author and newspaper columnist, will be a great addition to this dynamite panel. The panel is topped off with a truly great moderator Russ Parson, the food editor of the Los Angeles Times. He will be a great moderator but he is also a published author and major voice in current food writing. His book How to Read a French Fry is at the top of my to-read list.
Basically I am super excited for this weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate reading and writing with all these great authors. Take a peek at the Literary Orange 2013 website to see who will be there and checkout some of their books today!

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