Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature

Swirl by Swirl: Spirals In Nature  by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Krommes is a beautiful, inventive picture book written in verse-like form. It celebrates the many spirals present in the vast natural world. Wonderful for inquisitive young minds, it will especially thrill children with an artistic or scientific flair. The detail the book emphasizes offers children different ways of observing the world around them, while the mathematical aspect of the book will allow young readers to grasp the concept of a swirl in interesting and fun ways.
Showing the spiral roots of a mighty tree curling into snuggling shapes that hug their tiny forest inhabitants and their storehouse of acorns, the book teaches children to appreciate nature, in its small and large scale.  Ranging from snail shells, to sheep horns, and expanding to ocean waves and galaxies, with large scale illustrations and realistic colors, the big and small fonts, all lend a graceful elegance, making the book memorable on many levels.
The vibrant, detailed illustrations resonate and will draw the reader for a closer look, again and again. The small font of the plant and animal descriptions could have been the one negative, yet rather than detract from the experience it makes finding a work akin to a treasure hunt, more exciting with each new find.
The end of the book reinforces the information covered, by the inclusion of an index about swirls, ranging from the sprouting Lady Fern to the DNA helix. A fun, informative read, all around!

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