Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is Sherri Duskey Rinker’s first book. It is a wonderful, not just for boys, bedtime story for any young fan of big machinery.  The book has great rhyming, and a clever storyline that creates a lulling, rhythmic environment, making it a perfect read for the end of the day. The use of the actual name and function of each machine, teaches children what they do, in a calming language and tempo.

The book’s gorgeous illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld, add to the charm, and seamlessly suit the story, while the light, humorous touches such as the sleeping moon, and the neighbor complaining of Dump Truck’s loud snoring, add to the book’s whimsy.   The fuzzy, painting images, perfectly set the stage for the energetic, then sleepy thematic components, of the tired trucks, diggers, and lifters who are ready to go to sleep.

The repetition of "goodnight goodnight" for each vehicle is very calming, and reinforces the message of preparing for sleep after a long work day. In these tired machines, drawn in detail and given a face and personality, the reader finds friends they can identify with.  Many other soothing details such as Cement Mixer taking a bath, and going to sleep with his blankie, Crane Truck tucked with his teddy bear and star nightlight, and Bulldozer sleeping in a dirt bed with his pillow, also point to the bedtime theme, in this great read-aloud picture book.

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This sounds like a wonderful book to help children get to sleep in an enjoyable and educational way. Thank you for the review!