Paranormal Action - Part 3

Paranormal Action - Contemporary Fantasy Part 3

Hi! It’s time for part three of our Paranormal Action (not romance) book bomb –Contemporary section.

I'm starting with Katayna Price’ Grave Witch series.  Alex Craft doesn’t just see dead people.  She talks to them.  Ever since she was little, she’s had a working relationship with Death, starting with when she threw a clipboard at him in her mother’s hospital room.  Now that she’s an adult, things have gotten a little more complicated.  It seems that the incarnation of death is a Hottie, with a capital H.  He’s also learned that he can touch the physical world when he’s touching Katayna.  So far, all they’ve shared is coffee.
     Katayna, like many of our heroines, is a PI and due to her unique grave witch abilities will be raising a ghost to take the stand to give testimony in a murder trial for the first time.  The book has a nice new magic style, a neat mystery, comic relief given by a Chinese crested named PC, which is short for Prince Charming, and it doesn’t lose steam as the series continues.

Next on my list is Kat Richardson’s Greywalker series.  Harper Blaine is, you guessed it, a PI.  She takes what she thinks is just another case until the man she is investigating kills her.  The world she wakes up to is different from the one she left.  She now sees the world literally in shades of grey.  She’s able to see and speak to ghosts and manipulate some magical energy.  Ghosts, vampires, and other supernatural entities flock to her because she’s no longer defined as human, and she can now help them with their problems.  The normal craziness and hilarity ensues as she’s aided by Mara, an Irish witch, Ben, a paranormal researcher, and Will, a sexy antiques dealer as they solve mysteries and missing persons cases for the local vampire community and try to find out what happened to Harper’s dad decades ago.

Trixa Iktoma is a woman who looks as if she were designed to blend in.  Slightly frizzy hair, café au lait skin, a splash of freckles, and green, slightly tilted eyes, she looks as if she could be a part of every ethnic group or a part of none, which in a way makes her welcome in all.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter for her day job as an information dealer in her bar in Las Vegas.  It matters even less at her night job slaying demons.  With her apprentice demon slayers Zeke and Griffin, who are actually stray foster kids with major psychic powers, Trixa enjoys the night life of Vegas where demons and angels are real, and Demons are the ones with empathy. Trick of the Light is the first one in this really good series with a twist towards the end by Rob Thurman.

I have to admit that I haven’t read the first book in this series by Laura Bickle.  The first book is Embers.  I mistakenly started with Sparks.  On the other hand, I liked the second book well enough that I’m going to go back and read the first.  During the day the protagonist, Anya Kalinczyk, is an arson investigator with the fire department. (Yay!! Not a PI!) What I really liked is that she takes the job seriously.  In a lot of urban fantasy, the protagonist officially has a day job, but never seems to spend any time there.  In this series, Anya has a day job, it ties into the plot, and they describe her working at it in detail.  She takes finger prints, takes photos, analyzes clues, wears big, bulky hazmat suits, and does everything your average CSI fan would want someone to do.  It’s set in Detroit with all the history and current economic situation that ties into that city.  By night, Anya hangs out with a mismatched bunch of ghost hunters.  She’s a special type of medium and has an adorable familiar, Sparky, who is a fire elemental shaped like a salamander.

Nikki Glass only really answered the phone call because she wanted to get out of an awful blind date her sister set up.  She really should have stuck it out.  So begins the book Dark Descendant by Jenna Black.  Always lucky at finding things, Nikki never realized it was due to her being a descendant of the goddess Artemis.  Because of a client’s unfortunate method of suicide, Nikki is caught up between the Olympians and the Descendants, all of whom are descended from a variety of Gods and have mysterious powers.  Neither side trusts her motives, and she doesn’t believe that either side is anything but insane.  After all, who would truly believe that they were descended from Kali?  When the so-called good guys send a lust wielding child of Eros after her, who can she turn to?

The city of Boston was once known as Beantown; however, after a bizarre plague causes all of the people in mid-town to drop dead and rise again as zombies, it becomes known as Deadtown.  Although the plague is no longer contagious, humans are naturally scared of the unknown, and they no longer consider those risen to be fully human.  As werewolves, shapeshifters, and vampires come out of the closet, Deadtown becomes a paranormal ghetto, full of those with few to no legal rights.  Victory Vaughn is a demon fighting shapeshifter and, while she’s completing what should be a boring dream demon, she stumbles upon the trail of her nemesis, the demon who killed her father.  The first book in this series is Deadtown.  The series is written by Nancy Holzner.  It does have an interesting commentary on the rights of the oppressed in society and what it means to be truly human.

To Lara Jansen, the truth is music to her ears, literally.  Throughout her life if someone tells her a lie, a falsehood, or even a little white lie, her nerves jangle as if a person raked their nails down a chalkboard.  Her quest for trueness comes through in how she decorates her house and in her work as a tailor.  At home everything is harmonious, and at work she’s on the verge of completing her master work in bespoke tailoring three years early due to her ability to see the perfect way a suit should fit together from fabric to fit to buttons.  All of that changes when her best friend spontaneously introduces her to the local weatherman named Dafydd ap Caewyn, and she meets a man who can hide the truth from her without lying.  She ends up on a time traveling trip between worlds looking to clear the name of an elf for a murder that didn’t happen.  Truth Seeker by CE Murphy is the final entry in this month's Paranormal Action Book Bomb.  Next month I'll introduce you to some of the wonderful ladies of Steampunk, as well as explain what the heck it is.

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