Wit and Wisdom from Women Ages 60 to 90

Turning sixty can be a difficult milestone.  At this age physical changes become more pronounced, and people are more prone to illness and injury.  Major lifestyle changes often occur during this decade resulting in increased mental and emotional stress.   Having always lived an active and full life, Sam Dawson struggled with getting older.  Curious to learn how others of her generation felt about aging, she embarked on an ambitious project to interview 70 women older than age sixty. Broad Appeal: Wit and Wisdom from Women Ages Sixty to Ninety is the culmination of her candid conversations with these mature women.

The women portrayed in this book are not rocking-chair grannies.  They’re vibrant and active, positive and life-affirming.  They offer sage advice, along with doses of humor, accumulated from lifelong learning and experiencesJudy (age 62) still hikes 7-8 miles and only gets grumpy at the last one-and-a-half: I hike steep grades as quickly as my husband, who is seven years younger.  I have some hearing loss in my right ear, which is a great excuse to ignore him if I feel like it. Marilyn (age 70) tells us to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Take that trip or take that chance. Don’t put things off. Live to the limit, whatever that is.  This book has definite broad appeal.  Older readers will find insights they can relate to, and younger readers will find attitudes to emulate. 

Sam Dawson will share some wit and wisdom when she speaks about her book at the El Toro Branch Library on Friday May 17th at 1pm.  This program is free and open to the general public. Click here for more information.

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