Good Stuff

I know it’s not officially summer yet, but I feel like I have already kicked off my summer reading, and you will want to, too, with Ann Leary’s new novel, The Good House. If you read J Courtney Sullivan’s Maine a couple of summers ago, and enjoyed the New England setting, the intergenerational story, and the view into family dysfunction that won’t ruin your holiday barbecue, you will love The Good House – it has all that plus Leary's pitch perfect humor, but Hildy is a much more likable character than Alice.

Hildy Good is a divorced real estate agent in her Cape Cod hometown; things have been better - business is down, her ex-husband left her for another man, and her daughters staged an intervention about her drinking which leaves her with a cellar full of secrets. Hildy is a flawed yet irresistible narrator, as unreliable as she is wise, witty, and genuinely funny.

This is Leary’s second novel, and my only regret is that I’ve already read her first, Outtakes from a Marriage, and An Innocent, A Broad,  her memoir of her son’s premature birth in England, so I just have to wait for her to write another!

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