Ribbit  by Rodrigo Folgueira is a very clever, warm, and sweet picture book. It is beautifully illustrated, and brilliantly written with humor, and a solid moral to the story. This tale is about a pink pig who just wants to make friends with a family of frogs living in a pond, and one day, much to the frogs’ surprise, they find an unusual visitor in their midst. A pig! But not just any pig, but one who will only say, "ribbit!" The frogs, confused at first, become annoyed, thinking the little pink pig is making fun of them! But as it turns out, the little pig only wants the frogs to like and understand him, and he continues his antics!
Soon the little pig's “ribbits” draw the attention of all the nearby animals. Everyone is curious about the uproar, and they begin thinking of a solution. After much wondering, discussing, and shouting about why a pig would sit in a pond and say "ribbit," the animals visit the wise old beetle, and they realize that maybe the little pig only wants to make friends, and is trying to fit in!  Now the animals wonder if it is too late to make friends. More fun confusion ensues, especially when the animals can't find the frog, and have to guess where he will turn up next. All is resolved when the animals decide to put their differences aside, and join the pig on a mutual journey of friendship.
The illustrations and font give the book an overall sweet feel and the story has a great message.  The pig’s oversized head, his silly smile, his pink floppy ears, and his snout, which is heart-shaped on many of the book’s pages, only add to his charm and help make him a beloved character. The illustrations seamlessly support the story. The font increases along with the sound of the little pig's "ribbits”, inviting the readers to join in.This is a great story about thinking outside the box, friendship, taking chances, and giving someone different a chance.  A great book for storytime!

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