The Diviners (Audiobook)

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Title: The Diviners
Narrator: January LaVoy
Format: Audiobook on CD
Author: Libba Bray

Libba Bray sets The Diviners in 1920s New York City populated with flappers, Speakeasies and catchy Jazz music. Inside this familiar seeming world of historical legend she has seamlessly woven fantastic abilities, a paranormal serial killer, prophecies and a secret government program. This is the first in a proposed series with book 2, Lair of Dreams, due to be published in April of 2014.

Evie is a small town Ohio girl who dreams of a bigger life. And, she gets her chance after a debacle at a party has her sent away from home to stay with her uncle in Manhattan. Her uncle is the Curator of the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult (that’s the Museum of Creepy Crawlies to you). About the time Evie arrives, the bodies of murder victims start popping up around town with mysterious markings. Uncle Will is asked to assistant with the investigation and Evie is not about to be left out of the adventure! Besides, she may have a trick or two up her sleeve that could help because it turns out this is not your “average” serial killer…

It can be difficult to tell one character from another when listening to an audiobook and it’s up to the narrator to help the listener differentiate between the characters’ voices. January LaVoy, the Narrator, does an amazing job of bringing each character to life. The Diviners has a large and diverse cast of characters and each have their own voice from Theta’s sultry tones to Blind Bill’s Southern drawl portrayed by LaVoy with personality and realistic emotions. Libba Bray’s unique story is wonderful and narrated by January LaVoy the end result is just fantastic.

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PIB said...

This is such a great book, Libba Bray really brought to life the flapper-era with it's glittering, secret parties, rebellious fashion, and unsettling fascination for the occult.