Reinventing Yourself in your Senior Years

You’re never too old to try a new activity, or even a new career.  Retired after 37 years as a Probation Officer, Lee Gale Gruen started attending acting lessons through the Santa Monica Community College Emeritus Program.  With her mother recently passed away, her 85-year old father was still grief-stricken and spent too much time home alone, so Lee Gale asked him to attend class with her.  So begins a 3-year trek of a father-daughter acting team as chronicled in the book Adventures with Dad: A Father & Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class.

Lee Gale overcomes her stage-fright, and realizes she has a knack for acting, and is actually quite good at it. Her dad is funny in the role of a cantankerous old man. As her acting career starts to take off, her father’s health starts to decline.  Lee Gale’s book is a straightforward, heartfelt account with plenty of humor and love.

Being the caregiver of my own father, I know first-hand that caring for an aging parent is a rewarding, yet also emotionally draining experience.  I could relate with many of the events in this book.  Adventures with Dad will resonate with seniors, Baby Boomers, caregivers, and those in need of care.  Budding actors and those who enjoy being on stage will also find much of interest.

Lee Gale Gruen will talk about her book and her journey at the El Toro Branch Library on Friday October 18th, at 1pm.  This program is free and open to the general public.

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