Reboot by Amy Tintera

178 minutes between death and life.  178 minutes, each minute making her faster and stronger; each minute making her less human; each minute stripping her of her emotions.  Reboot number 178 was dead the longest out of everyone in her facility.  She originally died when she was 12 and has been policing the streets under the command of the government.  Her job is killing and capturing insurgents, criminals, and adults who died and rose again.  The elite of her command, she cares for nothing except the chase and the capture, and she long ago gave up on the thought that she might feel human again.  Everyone knows that it’s impossible for someone with a number as high as hers.  That is until Callum, who was only dead 22 minutes, is introduced to her facility.  With a number so low as to be practically human in emotions and reflexes, 178 takes him on at first as a training challenge.  And then finds that he begins to awaken hidden feelings when she is ordered to eliminate him.

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