Where the Peacocks Sing by Alison Sing See

Have you ever dreamed of living the exotic life style of a young beautiful single journalist living in Hong Kong?  The author, Alison Sing See, is living this very life when the book begins. She decides she is looking for something more.  She finds it in a relationship with a fellow journalist, Ajay.  Ajay comes with an intriguing extra bonus; his family has a 100 year old, 100 room palace in India called Mokimpur.  Alison falls in love with both Ajay and the idea of his family’s palace at the same time.
The novel is a journey the author takes as she gradually looks behind both the façade of her previous life of glamour and her potential new life with Ajay. She has to look behind the façade of the 100 room palace to see the reality of its current condition as well as its storied history.  Will she be able to thrive as a wife with her Indian in-laws and their very different ways of dealing with newcomers in the family? She also has to balance  her journalist career, marriage into an Indian family, and her own Chinese family in Los Angeles.  How will Alison and Ajay deal with the challenges of all the cultures they represent?  This lively account of her  journey is highly recommended.

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