Happy New Year!

This year I rang in the New Year by watching a great film. I spent some time looking up “New Year’s Eve Themed Movies” and came up with a movie I had never seen. It came out in 1960 so it definitely isn’t a new film, but it was new to me. The Apartment stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. This film features love, scandal, comedy and fabulous mid-century sets, outfits and décor.
Jack Lemmon plays a lowly clerk in a busy office in New York City. He uses a unique plan to get ahead and earn a promotion. His plan backfires when he falls in love with his boss’ girlfriend, elevator girl for the office building Shirley MacLaine, and has to decide between love and his job. You will feel so bad for Lemmon’s character, C.C. Baxter, as he gets stood up by his date, punched in the face, and forced to deal with difficult and often ridiculous situations. Baxter is a genuinely nice man with a good heart who just wants to succeed in the corporate world. He stands out as a true gentleman who in a world filled with deceit and infidelity and a man who didn’t know how lonely he really was until he found a companion. This movie is a comedy but it also has serious elements. The final scenes of the movie take place on New Year’s Eve making it a great movie to watch during the holidays and on New Year’s Eve. But don’t be sad if you spent your NYE doing something different, this film can be enjoyed anytime!
Filmed in black-and-white, this movie was released in 1960. The Apartment won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture for 1961. If you haven’t seen this classic film, check it out or place it on hold next time you are in the library. Several branches own readily available copies.

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