Another Teen Book Bomb - with some retakes on old favorites

Hart, Jeff
Eat, Brains, Love
This book is hilarious!  I have to say first-off that I am NOT a fan of zombies.  However, this book could make me start to like them.  Jake's day starts out relatively normal.  He gets up for school, downs some cereal, and worries about how he hasn't finished his homework.  Amanda's day isn't going so well.  Her crazy stalker type jock ex-boyfriend shows up at school and starts a fight with her.  She also doesn't feel all that hot.  Their day gets a lot worse.  This book has all the wackiness of a teen road trip comedy. Throw in some government conspiracy theories, zombie-ism as an STD, and the stoner gets the hot chick meme, and you've got a must read!

 Howard, AG
This wonderfully dark take on the world of Alice in Wonderland is a must read for anyone who has ever felt that they were a little "off."  Alyssa, descended from the original Alice, is one of the outsiders at high school.  Quirky, wearing short skirts, boots, corsets, petticoats, and skateboarding, she's not your average heroine.  Her sense of humor and ability to take on all comers draws you in as she tries to figure out what's reality and what's Wonderland.  Morpheus (aka the Mad Hatter) melds the two when he enters our world to convince Alyssa to return to Wonderland and save it from the Red Queen.

Moore, Kelly; Reed, Tucker; Reed, Larkin
Amber House
Amber House has been in Sarah's family since the 1600s.  Everything in it is steeped in history.  For some reason that was never explained to her, Sarah's mom and grandmother despise each other so she's rarely been to visit.  Her younger brother Sammy, her mom and herself go back for her grandmother's funeral where she meets a mysterious young man Jackson who seems to know things about her. After spending time in the house, it starts to show her things about the past: about her mother, about a cruel sea captain, about a slave woman who can touch the future, and about a young Jackson.

Moore, Kelly; Reed, Tucker; Reed, Larkin
Sarah has changed the past and saved her aunt's life as a child.  Because of this, her family is together and happy.  Her grandmother was never estranged from her mother.  But something seems off.  The house sends her visions; and she remembers a different past.  It’s a past where the Nazi's didn't win and where slavery didn't continue into the 20th century.  How could saving her aunt's life in the 1970s have altered so much history?

Rossi, Veronica
Under the Never Sky
Aria was raised in a hermetically sealed environment, knowing that she was genetically perfect.  Her mother’s love of opera had spliced into her DNA a perfect voice, her teeth were perfectly straight, and she and her friends spend their time in virtual realms where they can make themselves into anything without fear.  Until something goes horribly wrong one night when she’s “gone real” while out with some friends exploring a damaged pod.  Next thing she knows she’s exiled and her only hope is an outsider.  A savage in a landscape she’s always been told she has no hope of surviving.

Rossi, Veronica-
Through the ever night  /
Aria and Perry are finally going to be reunited.  But things don't go like they'd hope.  Although she's only half dweller and is an Aud, the Tides don't accept her even as a person, much less as Perry's mate.  The Aether storms are getting worse, the food rations are getting low, and they have to find Liv.  It seems the only way for Aria to save Perry is for her to leave him.  Can she and Roar go find Liv and have her relationship with Perry remain when they return?

Rossi, Veronica-
Into the still blue
Reverie has fallen, and Sable and Hess have joined forces to find the Still Blue, the mythical place where there is no Aether.  With a mixed group of Tides and Dwellers all crushed together in a cave and Aether storms getting worse, Perry has to decide what to do.  How can he overcome the superior forces of Sable and save his people?  How can he rescue Cinder, the 13 year old boy who can control Aether? How can he live with himself now that his sister Liv has been murdered and his best friend Roar seems to blame him?

Sax, Aline; Strzelecki, Caryl
The War within these Walls
There's nothing light about this read.  This book is a really intense look at the Warsaw ghetto during WWII.  It's a book of few words and intense line drawings that tells the story of a brief uprisings of Jews when the Nazis decided to clear the ghetto out one year for Hitler's birthday.  It's really intense.  Really good.

Shepherd, Megan
The Madman's Daughter
This is an intriguing twist on the classic The Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells.  After her father is banished from England for performing vivisection on animals, Juliet and her mother fall from the heights of society to utter poverty.  Forced to work as a maid at the college her father once taught at, Juliet learns that some of the students are trying to re-create her father's work.  Trying to escape, she convinces her former servant and now her father's assistant to take her to her father's island. 

Shepherd, Megan
Her Dark Curiosity
The sequel to The Madman's Daughter brings us to Juliet living back in London once again part of high society.  One of her father's old friends, who also denounced him, has adopted her.  Unfortunately, something has followed her from the island and is terrorizing the city.  People are being killed in brutal ways, and all of them have harmed Juliet in some manner.  Is it possible for a monster to feel love and be protective of someone?  Should they be helped? Once again, we're faced at what it means to be human and are given a great twist on an old classic.  I'm really looking forward to the next in the series.

Souders, JA
Don't judge this book by its cover!  I did.  I read the excerpt, ordered it.  Saw the cover, thought "Ewwww! Romance!!!" and sent it back… TWICE!!  The third time, I finally decided to bite the bullet and read it.  Renegade is a great psychological thriller.  Evelyn Winters lives in a utopia below the ocean.  She's been raised to be the "daughter of the people" the paragon of perfect genetics and everything her people should be.  Her only duties are to listen to her people's petitions, to do what her mother tells her, and eventually to have children to pass on those perfect genetics.  It isn't until a surface dweller is introduced to her idyllic garden that she realizes that everything isn't what it seems.  Her memories have been altered and her world begins to unravel.

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