Goodnight iPad

Ann Droyd’s (a.k.a. David Milgrim)  Goodnight iPad is an entertaining and clever book written for children that will also delight adults. It is a wonderfully executed parody of the children’s classic nighttime book Goodnight Moon, with the story line and graphics closely following the original. This is a book about turning off electronics for the night, will provide parents with a great discussion opener for children who won’t put down their iPad when it's time for bed. This story is a fun way to teach them to disconnect and enjoy a traditional bedtime story when winding down.  
The story is that of a multi-generational, family of rabbits, and their pets, so wired into technology that they ping, ding, and beep late into the night until the granny bunny desperate for sleep, shuts down their electronics and one by one they all drift off to sleep, until one little rabbit and his pet, sneak out of the covers to read a book; Goodnight Moon.

A short read that the readers will enjoy in both the text and the fun illustrations, which merit more than a cursory view.  A closer look with reward the reader with delightful and fun discoveries, perhaps not noticed in the first reading.

Much like the characters in the story, this is a fun multi-generational read. Although younger children may need a little help to understand all the references, the story has great wit, with a quirky sense of humor for our device-driven culture, and a moral for everyone who has trouble disconnecting to remind us to power down, and the ending ties it all together nicely.

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